#1 The Student Sex Work Project: Data mining and visualisation

1st project of CHERISH-DE Escalator Fund Award #aprojectaday

Principal Investigator: Debbie Jones.                                                                     Co-Investigators: Dr Tracey Sagar (Law and Criminology), Dr. Jason Xie (Computer Science), Professor Mark W. Jones (Computer Science), Mr Robert Palmer (Computer Science)

In accordance with the themes of the CHERISH- DE centre, healthcare and social well-being are the central aspects of this proposal. The purpose of this project is to explore a large data set through the use of data visualization and data mining techniques. This study will consist of the analysis of a large data set (over 6000 responses) gathered during the course of The Student Sex Work Project.

This project is undertaken by researchers from the Departments of Criminology and Computer Science from Swansea University. Sam Geuens, an expert Sexologist at the Herantals Hospital and PXL University in Belgium will interpret the results along with Criminology experts. A PhD student from Computer Science, will also be involved on this project applying his scientific knowledge in the areas of data science and big data. This pilot project is the first step of a large strategy, once the CHERISH DE Escalator funding has been used in the research and analysis of the data, the funding for the next steps will be sought from the ESRC and from the Wellcome Trust Seed Award.

The main outcome of this project will be to enhance knowledge about sexual behaviour among students, thus helping policy makers and agencies working in the sexual health sector across the UK.

The total work plan will take six weeks to complete and the total project cost will be £4925.96

Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones. Principal Investigator

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheStudentSexWorkProject/?fref=ts


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