#3 Creating a mind-set for health with digital health solutions

3rd project of CHERISH-DE Escalator Fund Award #aprojectaday

Menna (abstract 6)

Principal Investigator: Dr Menna Price (Human and Health). Co-Investigators: Dr Michelle Lee (Human and Health); Dr Laura Wilkinson (Human and Health), Dr Stephen Lindsay (Computer Science); Dr Suzanne Higgs (School of Psychology, University of Birmingham).

This proposal addresses CHERISH- DE’s themes as its main objective is to enhance the digital economy within health and social care.  The main objective of this proposal is to develop a health intervention in the form of a mobile health app in order to prevent obesity and its major societal consequences. This research has been designed to reduce unhealthy eating behaviour and to target obesity by developing an app for the pervasive delivery of a psychological intervention that enhances self-control. The use of digital technology is an efficient way to deliver a population level intervention and mobile health solutions for weight loss and healthy eating are commonplace and scalable. The prototype app for pilot testing being proposed will: deliver the theory-based intervention; provide timely cue reminders; record outcome behaviour and; provide a database of responses that can be accessed by the researchers.

The academic disciplines of health psychology, biological psychology, cognitive psychology and computer science will be working together along with some academic researchers and partners from tech industry companies thus enhancing interdisciplinarity in every stage of the project. Once feasibility and usability have been established, the findings will be submitted as support evidence for an RCUK proposal.  The outcomes of this proposal can be divided in four:

  • The development of a prototype for a healthy eating app.
  • The pilot will work as the basis for an application for funding in order to develop the idea further.
  • Collaboration and company engagements will be an important outcome on this research.
  • The findings will be submitted to a high impact journal for publication.

The total work plan will take over six months and the total project cost will be £4588.21

Menna Price. Principal Investigator.

Syml Connect. Principal External Party

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