International Mobility: Next Generation Human Translation Tools

Applicants: Tom Cheesman (COAH: Languages), Vivienne Rogers (COAH: Linguistics).  Dates: 15 March, 2016- 17 March, 2016.

One of the funding opportunities of CHERISH- DE is the International Mobility Fellowship, which award up to £2K towards travel and subsistence to support a visit to, or to provide funding for a visit from, an international research collaborator that will build alliances for impact. This funding opportunity together with the Escalator fund that provides seedcorn funding, to stimulate ideas, support proof of concept activities and to develop proto-types enable researchers to get their projects off the ground and achieve their objectives.

Tom and Vivienne applied to CHERISH for an International Mobility Fellowship to attend a scheduled meeting of the European Masters in Translation (EMT) network at the Directorate- General for Translation (DGT), European Commission, Brussels where there were circa 70 attendees from 50 institutions across the EU.  They used the visit to set up the ‘Next Generation Human Translation Tools project; to discuss this project with international academic partners, representatives of DGT and industry partner SDL and establish common ground.

Tom Cheesman and Vivienne Rogers in front of the European Commission
European Masters in Translation at the DGT

This project is based on the analysis of the affordances of current Computer- Assisted Translation tools in very many languages pairs and on the development of better tools, primarily for professional and trainee translators, also for wider user groups such as community translators.

Lack of translation impedes communication and trade and excludes vast numbers of people from civic and economic participation. Thus this proposal addresses the CHERISH-DE themes as it has been designed to help communities and to develop an improved human generation.

The outcomes and more information about this project can be found in the post published on May 17, 2016.


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