The New ABCs of Research – Ben Shneiderman Talk

Ben signing a copy of his book on the day

The CHERISH-DE centre was delighted to welcome back Ben Schneiderman to Swansea University last month. The renowned computer scientist gave a talk on 21st June 2016 in the Wallace Theatre, Swansea University on his latest book The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaborations. 

Ben is a renowned figure within the world of Human-Computer Interaction and the founder of the well-known, annual CHI conference – an essential fixture in the HCI calendar.

Ben discussed the importance of researchers choosing ‘big, real-world problems’ as the starting point for their research questions. His book eschews the traditional, linear approach espoused by Vannevar Bush that moves from theory into applied, eventuben s bookally permeating into the real world for his ABC (Applied and Basic Combined) principle. This is based on a blending of the SED (Science, Engineering and Design) ways of thinking to find practical solutions to real-world problems and simultaneously present foundational theories. Louis Pasteur/ Pasteur’s Quadrant was given as an example of how scientific research can address a real-world problem from the outset.

Using a Google word count illustration and a Google Ngram, Ben illustrated how, in recent years, the concept of design has become an increasing force and influence in our world.

ben s
Ben Shneiderman

Ben spoke about teams and leadership and how multi-author papers, on average, result in a better quality of paper. Team working is made possible via new technologie and there are fewer single author papers these days.

Amongst other things, Ben gave us two tips for successful teamworking and collaborations:

  1. Who does what when (down to the hour it’s expected!)
  2. Something small soon

His talk can be viewed via this link:

Book website:

Thank you Ben, for your visit- we look forward to seeing you again!