CHERISH Escalator Projects Announced

We’re very happy to announce that the following projects proposed by Swansea University academics have been awarded funding from the second round of CHERISH Escalator funding.


In no particular order…

  • Online Grooming Communication: Translating Research Evidence into Effective Prevention Materials, £8,668.00
    • PI: Prof Nuria Lorenzo Dus, Arts and Humanities
  • Transparency in AI through ‘muttering’ robots, £2340
    • PI: Dr Vivienne Rogers, Arts and Humanities
  • Helping form NHS IT Strategy, £5318
    • PI: Prof Harold Thimbleby, College of Science
  • Migrant Digitalities:  Mapping the Dispersal of Refugees Evicted from Calais, £8940
    • PI: Dr Martina Tazzioli, College of Science
  • Enhancing Witness Account Capture Through Digital Technology, £3140
    • PI : Dr Ruth Horry, College of Human and Health Sciences
  • Developing and Validating the Digital ‘Distance Affect Regulation Mapping (DARM), £3157
    • PI: Dr Laura Wilkinson, College of Human and Health Sciences
  • Developing Interdisciplinary and Industry Collaboration to Tackle Far-Right Extremist Use of Social Media for Propaganda and Recruitment, £4549
    • PI: Dr Lella Nouri, College of Law
  • Making with Meaning Workshops, £4700
    • PI: Dr Stephen Lindsay, College of Science
  • Hippocampal And Prefrontal Plasticity Inducement Application (HAPPIA), £3601
    • PI: Dr Tom Owen, College of Science
  • Creating a mind-set for health with digital health solutions II, £12,316
    • PI: Dr Menna Price, College of Human and Health Sciences