Tim Kindberg in residence, January 2018

Tim Kindberg is in residence this month.


The CHERISH project is currently enjoying Tim Kindberg’s (@timkindberg) visit to Swansea University. Tim is in the middle of a two week ‘residence’ organised by CHERISH and the new Computational Foundry.

Tim has a CompSci background and ,as a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio at Bristol’s Watershed, an interest in creative and interdisciplinary projects –  so it’s been fascinating to talk to him about our experience as a project focused on digital innovation brought about through interdisciplinary research.

One of the many interesting things Tim has pointed out, and a significant point for the CHERISH team is not to worry too much about the concept, or challenge, of ‘co-creation’.  If academics are interested in working together, there will almost inevitably be an interesting and worthwhile CompSci question to be explored – you have to trust in the momentum and energy of two people who are motivated to work together.

Tim is talking tomorrow (2pm, Wallace Landing, Swansea Uni, Tuesday 23rd Jan) on Blockchain for Sceptics and on Tuesday he is running a workshop Innovation in ways of working (10am – 4pm, Digital Technium).

We still have a week to go and will be talking with Tim about how to bring lots of individual research projects to life through a digital lens.


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