#8 Digital Media Usage and Attitudes of People with Sensory Impairments

8th project of CHERISH-DE Escalator Fund Award #aprojectaday

Principal Investigator: Dr Yan Wu (Arts and Humanities).               Co-Investigators: Stephen Lindsay (Computer Science), Rhys Jones (Arts and Humanities)

Principal Investigator, Yan Wu, with the Co- Investigators and Partners of the project.

This project addresses the theme of Health and Social Care of the CHERISH- DE Centre.

The main purpose of this proposal is to explore how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) empower people with sensory impairments and what are the current barriers to digital accessibility faced by visually impaired and hearing impaired users in Wales.

This planned research will examine the digital media use and attitudes of adults with sensory impairment in Wales. Two main areas will be investigated:

  • Digital media take-up, use of Internet and other online activities.
  • Critical understanding of digital media: user’s attitudes towards different areas of digital media.

A survey questionnaire will also be developed along with these key research areas to reveal the media communicative potentials and to produce periodical research outcome among other purposes. The combination of expertise from media studies and computer science is crucial for the development of this project. Once we succeed with first step of the project we will seek external sources of funding such as ESRC and Luverhulme.

The outcome of this research is envisaged to be first of all, a report that will be made available for partners and general public and then at least one joint research paper published in peer-reviewed academic journal. Hence the result of this project could directly benefit end-users and improve community health and well-being.

The total work plan will take over nine months and the total project cost will be £4,978.02


Principal External Parties:


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First round of CHERISH-DE Escalator Funds Awarded

Following the ‘First Call for Proposals’for the Escalator Fund, we are pleased to confirm that the following projects were awarded funds at a panel meeting on 4th April 2016.

Profiling cybercrime offenders in Wales, £2313.81

  • Principal Investigator: Dr Patrick Bishop (Criminology and Law)
  • Co-Investigators:Sara Correia (Criminology and Law), Dr Robert S. Laramee (Computer Science),  Liam McNabb (Computer Science)

Examining the dissemination of online terrorist magazines, £3486.81

  • Principal Investigator: Prof Stuart Macdonald (Criminology and Law)
  • Co-Investigators: David Mair, (Criminology and Law)

 Trust in Crypto-Drug Markets, £8497.80

  • Principal Investigator: Prof Nuria Lorenzo-Dus (Arts and Humanities)
  • Co-Investigators: Prof David Bewley-Taylor, (Arts and Humanities), Dr Bob Laramee (Computer Science) 

 Creating a mind-set for health with digital health solutions, £4588.21

  • Principal Investigator: Dr Menna Price (Human and Health)
  • Co-Investigators: Dr Michelle Lee (Human and Health); Dr Laura Wilkinson (Human and Health), Dr Stephen Lindsay (Computer Science); Dr Suzanne Higgs (School of Psychology, University of Birmingham)

Improving cognitive flexibility through bilingual rule switching tasks, £4946.25

  • Principal Investigator: Dr Vivienne Rogers (Arts and Humanities)
  • Co-Investigators: Dr Darren Edwards (Human and Health)

Voter engagement technologies for young people in resource constrained communities, £4731.00

  • Principal Investigator: Dr Matthew Wall (Arts and Humanities)
  • Co-Investigator: Dr. Stephen Lindsay (Computer Science) 

A Cyber-Technology Framework for Evaluating and Improving Criminal Justice Practice, £4544.48

  • Principal Investigator:Dr Pamela Ugwudike (Criminology and Law)
  • Co-Investigators: Professor Peter Raynor (Criminology and Law), Gemma Morgan (Criminology and Law) 

The Student Sex Work Project: Data mining and visualisation, £4925.96

  • Principal Investigator: Debbie Jones
  • Co-Investigators: Dr Tracey Sagar (Law and Criminology ), Dr. Jason Xie (Computer Science), Professor Mark W. Jones (Computer Science), Mr Robert Palmer (Computer Science)

Next Generation Human Translation Tools, £4425.00

  • Principal Investigator: Tom Cheesman (Arts and Humanities)
  • Co-Investigators: Dr Evelien Bracke (Arts and Humanities) , Dr Salwa El-Awa (Arts and Humanities), Dr Maria Fernandez-Parra (Arts and Humanities), Dr Robert Laramee (Computer Science), Dr Vivienne Rogers (Arts and Humanities), Professor Andrew Rothwell (Arts and Humanities), Dr Sabrina Wang (Arts and Humanities)

Digital Media Usage and Attitudes of People with Sensory Impairments – £4978.02

  • Principal Investigator: Dr Yan Wu (Arts and Humanities)
  • Co-Investigators: Stephen Lindsay (Computer Science), Rhys Jones (Arts and Humanities)